What We Offer?

Deck Nights

Swiftsure's deck nights occur on Tuesdays between 6.30pm - 8.30pm at the Copthorne Village Hall. The activities that we do on deck nights include crafts, sports, team building games, practical exercises and class work.

Regional Events

The Corps hold several regional events annually. These include athletics, swimming, orienteering, and a quiz competition.


During the summer months, cadets go to Ardingly Activity Centre on deck nights to participate in some water activities. In previous years, the cadets have gone sailing, kayaking and wind surfing at the reservoir.

N.S.T.C. Lion

A few times each year, Swiftsure go on weekend trips to Portsmouth and stay at N.S.T.C. Lion. These trips down to Portsmouth are used to teach the cadets how to sail in boats such as Wayfarers and Picos but occasionally the cadets get to try out power boating.

Sometimes we have trips to Portsmouth and have a dry weekend. During these weekends, cadets may go to the Isle of Wight and see sights around Portsmouth.

Blackland Farm

The 'closer to home' trips that we go on are at Blackland Farm, which give the cadets many opportunities to bond and work together through the variety of outdoor activities avaliable.

Shedfield Camp

There are many ships in England and we often don't get to interact with each other due to the distance. To combat this issue, each year all ships try to attend the Shedfield Camp. Cadets from different ships get to work together to complete challenges and gain outdoor skills. It is a place where experience is gained and friendships are formed.

The Upcoming Events